Dr. Markus Fischer


Invited Talks


  • Markus Fischer
    Experiences in Developing PVM 3.x into a Distributed Concurrent Framework on WIN32 (NT/9x) Platforms.
    EuroPVM/MPI 98

  • Markus Fischer
    Cluster Computing: Windows vs LINUX
    Supercomp 2000

  • Markus Fischer
    GRID Computing: Ueberblick und Einfuehrung in NetSolve, AppLes, Everyware, Condor
    Tutorial SC2000

  • Markus Fischer
    Cluster Benchmarking: Toolbox zum Automatischen Tunen und Profilen von numerischen Anwendungen
    Tutorial SC2000

  • Markus Fischer
    Score/PVM: Integrating PVM into the SCore environment using native SCore communication primitives
    Second SCore Users Group Meeting, International Supercomputer Conference, Heidelberg 2001

Selected Papers


  • Peter Klingebiel, Ralf Diekmann, Ulrich Lefarth, Markus Fischer, Juergen Seuss
    CAMeL/PVM: An Open, Distributed CAE Environment for Modelling and Simulating Mechatronic Systems.
    Proc. of EUROSIM'95, North-Holland, pp. 645-650, 1995.

  • see abstract or postscript


  • Jack Dongarra, Markus Fischer
    Performance Monitoring Online.
    Proceedings of the PVM Users Group Meeting 1996 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • see postscript


  • Jack Dongarra, Markus Fischer
    Another Architecture: PVM on Windows 95/NT.
    Proc. of the CCC'97 Atlanta, Georgia, 03/1997.

  • see postscript

  • Markus Fischer
    Dynamic Load Balancing for Heterogeneous Parallel Environments.
    Master Thesis. University of Paderborn, April 1997.

  • see postscript

  • Markus Fischer, Jens Simon.
    Embedding SCI into PVM.
    Proc. of EuroPVM/MPI '97 Cracow, Poland, pp. 183-191,1997.

  • see postscript .


  • Markus Fischer
    Leicht verteilt - Parallel Virtual Machine mit NT
    In: iX 7/98, pages 136 - 141, 1998

  • Markus Fischer, Thomas Decker, Reinhard Lüling, Stefan Tschöke
    A Distributed Load Balancing Algorithm for Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Systems
    Proc. of the 1998 Int. Conf. on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'98), H. R. Arabnia (ed.), CSREA Press, Volume II, July 1998, 933-940
    [Abstract] [Postscript/PDF]


  • Jack Dongarra, Markus Fischer
    Experiences with Windows 95/NT as a Cluster Computing Platform for Parallel Computing.
    In Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing Practices ( PDCP 1999 Vol 2 Nr 2)
  • Markus Fischer, Alexander Reinefeld
    Implementing Fast Message Passing on SCI.
    In H. Hellwagner, A. Reinefeld (eds). SCI - Scalable Coherent Interface: Architecture and Software for High-Performance Compute Clusters. Springer State-of-the-Art Surveys LNCS 1734, 1999. ISBN 3-540-66696-6.
  • Markus Fischer.
    Parallelstrategie - Software fuer Rechencluster entwickeln.
    In: C't, Jg. 5 (1999), Heft 9, S. 140 - 144


  • Markus Fischer, Ulrich Brüning, Jörg Kluge, Lars Rzymianowicz, Patrick Schulz and Mathias Waack.
    Impact of Configurable Network Features in ATOLL
    APSCC 2000, May 14-17, 2000, Beijing, P.R. China
    [Abstract][Zipped Postscript][pdf]
  • Markus Fischer, Ulrich Brüning, Jörg Kluge, Lars Rzymianowicz, Patrick Schulz and Mathias Waack.
    ATOLL, a new switched, high speed Interconnect in Comparison to Myrinet and SCI
    IPDPS 2000, PC NOW Workshop, May 1-5 2000, Cancun Mexico.
    [Abstract][Zipped Postscript] [pdf]


  • Markus Fischer
    System Area Network Extensions to PVM
    EuroPVM/MPI 2001, September 23 -26, 2001, Santorini (Thera) Island, Greece.

  • Markus Fischer
    GMSOCKS - A Direct Socket Implementation on Myrinet
    Cluster 2001, October 08-11, 2001, New Port Beach, CA, USA.

  • Markus Fischer
    Vernetzung von Clustern (in german)
    PIK Praxis der Informatioinisverarbeitung und Kommunikation 3/01
    ISSN 0930-5157 Juli - September 24. Jahrgang 2001


  • Markus Fischer, Andres Bruhn, Tobias Jakob, Timo Kohlberger, Ulrich Bruening, Joachim Weickert, and Christoph Schnoerr
    Low Level Parallelization of Nonlinear Diffusion Filtering Algorithms for Cluster Environments.
    To appear.

  • Markus Fischer
    Efficient and Innovative Communication Mechanisms for System Area Networks
    Dissertation, PhD Thesis, CSE, University of Mannheim, 2002




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